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Welcome To NNCAUK

We are a community of UK nurses, midwives and health visitors who are driven by the desire to educate and empower eachother.


Nigerian Nurses Charitable Association UK is a non-profit organization incorporated in January 1998 in the UK. The association represents approximately 3,000 Nigerian nurses and intends to establish chapters nationwide.


Our mission is to provide a forum for collective action by Nigerian nurses to "investigate, define and determine issues affecting its members, with a view to implement change to alleviate and improve living and working standards.


One of the benefit of the NNCAUK Scholarship and Awards Program - Nigerian Nurses Charitable Association UK aims to provide scholarships to all levels of nursing students to continue and complete their nursing education.

#WeProvide countless hours of community-based health care services and outreach


As the NHS launches the biggest recruitment drive in England in its 71-year history, new research has shown the special place that its staff hold in the nation's heart.

We are the NHS

Healthcare professionals, we come from various NHS and health and social care settings. Reference is from Ipsos Mori Veracity Index 2019. We are the NHS.

Trusted Profession

Three quarters of those surveyed chose nurses and doctors as professions they trust the most and seven in ten people said they were some of the most important roles in society.

Career in Nursing

But the majority of the public surveyed did not know the wide range of careers available working as a nurse, only 3% knew that nurses and midwives worked in mental health and one third could not name a nursing role outside of hospital like district nurses.

What Our Members Say

Here are a few testimonials from some of our members from NNCAUK.

The Nigerian Nursing Association couldnt have been better than it is now, especially when it felt that I had too much to bear with my workload in the NHS. But they were there to guide me and advise me appropriately.

Staff Nurse

The best thing that can happen to any foreigner who works in the NHS is to be a part of this group. People who are willing to welcome you and help you in your career path.

Snr. Health Professional

The very first day I walked into this association, I knew I was home. I have been looking for a group or association that i could share my career path with and i must say that i finally found it.

Joshua. A
Nursing Asst

Be a part of NNCAUK has been life changing, as a career health care professional, who came all the way from Nigeria and felt lost, it was a big relief to have a group I could call on and share life with.

Mental Health

We support and help to develop relevant skills.