Aims & Objectives

The Nigerian Nurses Charitable Association was set up to relive the poverty and distress by the provision of practical contributions to the delivery of healthcare and to advance education by promoting health education in Nigeria and United Kingdom. Please read on for a detailed synopsis for details of our aims and objectives:
  • To provide practical help in order to improve healthcare facilities for the community in Nigeria and health care for the Nigerian community in Britain.
  • To support, develop relevant skills which will enable the Nigerian community in Britain s progress
  • To embrace and celebrate cultural diversity.
  • To promote welfare and self awareness.
  • To promote an initiative for youth and young people to enable them to socialize.
  • To help the young and old to cope with the multitudes of changes that are associated with general development.
  • To use our expertise and experience to make practical contributions to the diversity of health care in Nigeria and to promote the interest of our member in the United Kingdom.
  • To promotes healthy lifestyle amongst the United Kingdom based Nigerian community
  • To make practical contributions to the delivery of healthcare to the community in Nigeria.
  • To conduct series of health seminars and distributed health leaflets to inform the community in a positive way as to help them know much about their health and the association.
  • To inform, educate and entertain members and the relevant information on healthy lifestyle to the public.
  • To contributes to the delivery of healthcare in Nigeria
  • To be accessible to the diverse population in the United Kingdom and abroad
  • Endeavor to promote welfare of the association members in the United Kingdom.
  • To promotes educational and social events to members and the community for all nurses.
  • To contribute to the healthcare and health promotion in Nigeria and United Kingdom
  • To support charitable causes in Nigeria.
  • To support fund raising strategies
  • To develop links with other agencies
  • To constantly raise awareness about diseases or any health related issues that affect the Nigerian community
  • To make vital contributions to health promotion in our community in the united kingdom and Nigeria
  • To offer support to individual members in joyous or sorrowful circumstances such as death of close relatives to members, marriage, birth.

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