General Secretary

Obi Amadi is passionate about equality and diversity issues, in particular the disadvantages BME and in particular Nigerian nurses face on a daily basis. “Our parents came to better our life chances and have paved the way for us and others to progress more easily in the health and Public sector systems where many work now.

However, it is still an uphill struggle and there is a long way to go. This organisation is committed to lobby on your behalf, join us, talk to us, share your stories with us. Alone you are a stick, together a bunch of sticks makes a broom to sweep clean.”

She is currently employed as, Lead Professional Officer for Unite the Union health sector which incorporates all professional groups including the Community Practitioners’ and Health Visitors’ Association. Obi trained as a nurse, midwife, health visitor and nurse practitioner. Left clinical posts and worked as a locality manager in two inner London Healthcare Trusts before her current post.

Her role involves supporting professional activity across the UK, taking the strategic lead on professional issues. She works with Government on policy development and supporting our industrial relations and campaigning activity.

She is passionate about reducing inequalities in health and promotion of the diversity agenda. “We all have a vital role to play in shaping and delivering health improvement to our population and our organisation is committed to support practitioners to do this”

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