Vice President

Vicky Ndunagum is currently our Vice President.  She is mother and grandma, the nurturer in our team, the epitome of the 6 Cs.She is our veteran of the NHS after clocking up 30+? Years as a nurse with the latter part of her career being spent working/managing in theatre services in a busy London hospital. She came here from Nigeria in the 1970’s where she raised a family and had a successful career. 
She is passionate about the need to break down the barriers that can slow down or prevent effective progress for BME nurses and health workers. Her energy and enthusiasm is abundant as is her persistence to get things done.She welcomes the recent report  Snowy White Peaks and insists we must use the evidence to continue the momentum of our journey to equality.
It troubles me to see and hear about how isolated some Nigerians are while trying to survive this system called the NHS, we all need to move and speak as one, we need to hold on to each other while making our way up, and cushion each other if we fall down. That is how to make progress.
When the lizard falls into a pit, he knows who is his friend [the one who honours him]: When a person is in trouble, he knows who hates him. (When we are in difficulties, we know our friends and enemies.)


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